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Would you like a professionally-produced talk show where the topic of discussion is you? We can produce "podcast" talk shows with one or more presenters to enunciate your key marketing messages. This will assert you as the market leader and the expert. It will also raise the loyalty of your clientele.

Podcasts are like a radio show "on-demand". They have been around since 2004 but are fast-becoming a crucial way to get messages across and the public is already hooked on podcasts delivered straight to their iPods,MP3 players, PCs, or mobile phones.

The best thing is, once they have subscribed to your podcast, everytime there is a new edition, it will automatically download to their devices, ensuring your latest message goes to them right away. And they can listen to the podcast as often as they like. No more "I missed that" worries with podcasts.

A podcast is like a newspaper delivered to your door minus the volumnous sections you don't care to read. It cuts to the chase. It is visible and not masked by a tome of paper. Or if you prefer an analogy from radio, it is like your personal DJ. It plays what you want to hear.

And as you know the public want to hear about related issues, it is what lures them to your products and services!

As the public becomes more selective, it is crucial to follow these trends in order to retain their attention. Hence why we think podcasts are vital to the survival of your business.
Present us with the facts or messages you want to deliver, and we will produce the script for you. There is an all-inclusive charge for this service.

Podcasts can be in either English or Polish.

After the show?

We will not only produce for you. We will ensure it is positioned for maximum benefit for you. That means it will be on iTunes for iPods to download as well as in many, many other podcast directories. We will actually maintain the podcast for you from our own server as well as link it to your website, ensuring it gets a great reception!

After all, it is nice to complement your website visitors' experience by offering them a podcast from your website as they browse your services. But while that can enhance your sales, wouldn't it also be great if you could reach those people who do not visit or know your website? Precisely. That's why we can help drive traffic to your website by hosting your podcast.

You can check out some of our most recent popular ORLA.fm podcasts to see what is possible:



We recommend that podcasts should be regular rather than long. The maximum effective duration is 30 minutes. We can produce them for you daily, weekly or monthly. You're in control.

See the Illustration for more information of just how competitive our inaugural prices are!



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